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Super Trader : Make Consistent Profits in Good and Bad Markets


Take Off Your Glasses, Put on Your Red Cape!

Transform yourself from a mild-mannered investor into a Super Trader!

How do you transform yourself from an average investor into a proactive trader who outperforms the market day-in and day-out?

Think clearly. Plan accordingly. Commit completely.

In other words, become a trader!

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Become a Trader

No one is better suited to help you transform than legendary trading coach Dr. Van K. Tharp. Whatever your skill level, Tharp provides the formula for succeeding in a field where most people fail.

Combining the sharp insight and technical brilliance that have drawn legions of investors to his books and workshops, Tharp provides a holistic approach to becoming a successful full-time trader.

His system—a meld of investing psychology and sound trading practices—is the secret to achieving optimum conditions that produce results in both bull and bear markets. Using the lessons of Super Trader, you will approach trading as you would a small business—realistically, systematically, and enthusiastically. Drawing on his decades of experience, Tharp has created a simple plan designed to help anyone successfully navigate the market

Dr. Tharp wrote this book in an easy-to-read style—quite different from his more technical approach in previous works. Each short chapter focuses on one concept critical to trading success.

Every investor looking to improve their returns will also find this book highly useful. Super Trader concepts will help readers make money trading, avoid bear market losses, and lead happier, more balanced lives.

Throughout the book, Tharp raises the pertinent questions you must ask yourself about becoming a trader, being a trader, and succeeding as a trader. The rewards that come with being a Super Trader—both financial and personal—make you feel as if you can leap small buildings in a single bound


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